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More about The Ibdaa Health Committee

The Ibdaa Health Committee (IHC) at Dheisheh Refugee camp is comprised of volunteer Health and Mental Health professionals, including nurses, physicians, social workers, psychologists, sociologists and other interested volunteers. Members of the IHC have pioneered numerous programs and activities that promote the welfare not only of the camp’s children, but, also those who reside in the greater Bethlehem area despite the exceptional conditions in the West Bank.

The IHC was formed in response to the urgent needs of the population due to the Israeli occupation’s failure to provide essential services for this population, including health and mental health services. The IHC is committed to providing quality health care to both children and adults.

Founded by healthcare professionals in June, 2003, the IHC became a formal committee of the Ibdaa Cultural Center in order to improve the healthcare system for the Palestinian people who reside within Dheisheh and/or the greater Bethlehem area. The IHC serves both females and males regardless of religious or political affiliation and is a community based non-partisan democratic association.

Ibdaa, which means “to create something out of nothing”, is a grassroots initiative of Dheisheh refugee camp, founded in 1994. Ibdaa strives to empower the residents of Dheisheh and instill confidence and strength to face their difficult future, while educating the international community about the Palestinian refugee issue. Today, Ibdaa serves over 1,500 children, youth and women every year. Ibdaa offers dance, music, art and creative writing programs; sports teams; international cultural exchange opportunities; leadership training for girls; an oral history project with young people and elderly Palestinians; mental health counseling services for children, language courses; community organizing workshop for teens; a human rights lecture series; a children’s library, a nursery and the camp's only mixed-gender kindergarten.

More about Ibdaa:

Health Care Under Occupation in Palestine
March 29, 2006 - 7 PM
San Diego State University
Student Services Building Rm#1401

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