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Become a member of Al-Awda or renew your membership today. Join and support our advocacy for the Right of the Palestinian people to Return to their homes and lands of origin.

Over the past ten years, Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition has led the effort to ensure that the right to return remains central to any discussion of the Palestinian cause. We have been at the forefront of grassroots and student organizing and education for the Palestinian cause. We have held demonstrations, and hosted regional and national conferences, cultural events, and speaking tours. We have also worked closely with many student, sister and solidarity organizations throughout the US and elsewhere.

Join us by becoming a member of our organization as we continue this powerful, important and effective work which is today more critical and needed than ever before. Al-Awda is actively involved in helping 1350 Palestinian refugees who are being relocated from Al-Waleed camp on the Iraq border with Syria to various cities across the US in a major rescue operation from the desert camp. We continue to actively organize and demand an end to the ongoing blockade of the Gaza Strip, and have raised and donated funds to help with the rebuilding of The Gaza Community Mental Health Program Clinics. We also organize against the inhumane occupation, confiscation and demolition of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem and in other areas and cities of Palestine. And we continue to educate and organize our students, grassroots activists and communities to advocate for the implementation of the Right of all Palestinians to Return to their homes and land of origin.

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Annual membership dues are $25.00 per individual, $15.00 per student and $40.00 per family. Family membership includes parents and all children up to 18 years old. To pay your dues by credit card, click on the relevant box above. If you prefer to send your annual dues by mail, please address your check or money order to: PRRC, PO Box 131352, Carlsbad, CA 92013, USA. Please remember to include your name, phone number, street and email addresses. For family membership, please include the names and ages of all the family members to be covered.

In addition to the membership rights outlined in the organizational by-laws, as a member of our organization you will receive:

  • Your own personal Al-Awda membership card
  • Access to Al-Awda's resource center and library
  • Discounts on some of our educational supplies
  • Special offers on tickets to Al-Awda events
  • Free copies of Al-Awda's news letters

Thank you so much for your support. We depend on it!


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