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For Immediate Release
October 26, 2007

Al-Awda San Diego's Cultural Coordinator on Al-Jazeera Today

Al-Awda San Diego's Cultural Coordinator Dr. Manal Swairjo is scheduled to appear with Marcel Khalife among other guests on Al-Jazeera news satellite television network today Friday October 26, 2007.

The program Al-Jazeera's "Ma Wara Al Akhbar" ("What's Behind the News") will air live 11:30 am - noon PST.

Manal will discuss the discrimination Al-Awda San Diego faced from the Salvation Army, and which led to a change of venue for the concert.

To find out why the concert was denied by the Salvation Army, tune in to Al-Jazeera today Friday October 26, 2007 starting at 11:30 am PST.

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